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 Meme Rage Comics ( my funny collection :D )

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PostSubject: Meme Rage Comics ( my funny collection :D )   Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:52 am

Rabbits shit for breakfast Very Happy

I found my friend's phone!

I do that...mostly Razz

80% what people do in classes *just kidding*

Blackening A...B...C...and... *FFFFUUUCCCKK!!*

Even the scissor is packed LOL

Those are so expensive but so little Sad

This is what some smaller kids done to me Surprised

Come on!! At least let me finish my sentence ><

You'll know when you're browsing some stupid Rage Comics on FB

Paper's fault Smile


Reminds me my childhood XD

Embarrassing moment...happened tons in my life

New year's rage

Darkness power Very Happy

Happens everyday in school

Toy Story!! Very Happy

Click and drag rage!

Hahaha lol!

Scared of ghosts...

This happens in your mind

You did this o.O

Part of my life lol!

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Meme Rage Comics ( my funny collection :D )
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